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We didn’t just want to create a list of the World’s Greatest Beers

We wanted you to experience each beer for yourself, and let it touch your heart like it has touched the hearts and minds of 8 world renowned authors.

This book is a collaboration to produce a very personal selection of just 250 of the World’s Greatest Beers.

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COVID delayed this book by two years and necessitated a thorough rewrite, to account for the damage inflicted by the virus and more significantly by the restrictions it spawned. The updates brought a heady mix of sadness for those pubs, bars and cafés that did not make it through, and delight at those that have survived.

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Lucky Dip Beer Box

Get your hands on six beers that have been selected for a number of events, tastings and book launches over the last year.

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A Year in Beer, a beer lover’s guide to the seasons

Shortlisted for the Fortnum & Mason Food & Drink Awards

A Year in Beer is the perfect way to once again root yourself into the seasonal shifts of beer and food production – and realise that you can actually enjoy the things you love even more than you may have thought.

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Published by CAMRA and written by Jonny Garrett, the co-founder of The Craft Beer Channel, a multi award winning Youtube channel dedicated to great beer, food and travel.

“The streets of London have their map, but our passions are uncharted. What are you going to meet if you turn this corner?” – Virginia Woolf

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Des De Moor

Modern British Beer

by Matthew Curtis

“Matthew Curtis has written an inspirational book, one no beer lover should miss.” Roger Protz

Modern British Beer aims to highlight the cultural development of beer in the United Kingdom since the turn of the century, while also attempting to define what “modern” means in today’s beer culture. The first-person narrative will be told through the stories of approximately 80 different beers and the brewers who make them, focussing on how their influence has directly affected our choice at the bar.

Fancy an audio treat from this award winning author?

Listen to the Pellicle Podcast here

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“A beauty and a triumph… An incredibly engaging read.” — Claire Bullen, Editor-in-Chief Good Beer Hunting

“A sparkling sense of where beer in the UK is at the moment.” — Adrian Tierney-Jones

“If you’re looking for a primer on the best independently-produced British beers available today, you’re in luck.” — Will Hawkes

“UK brewing is at a crossroads and the definitions Matthew comes up with help illuminate the path forward.” – Jonny Garrett, The Craft Beer Channel

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