Perry: a drinker’s guide

This item will be released May 1, 2024.

Perry has been made for centuries. Praised by the ancient Romans and once prized as highly as fine wine, it is made from fruit growing on trees that can be up to 300 years old; fruit that is, in some instances, so rare that only a single tree remains of a particular variety. Perry deserves its own authoritative resource, and now it has one. Renowned drinks writer and campaigner

Adam Wells has written the world’s first dedicated and comprehensive guide to this most wondrous of drinks. Beautifully illustrated throughout with stunning colour photography, Perry: A Drinker’s Guide takes the reader on a journey through the magical world of perry, with information on its troubled history, the many different varieties of pear, how it’s made, and, most importantly, a guide to styles, countries, regions and producers.

You can be sure that in years to come, perry lovers everywhere will refer to this book as the starting point on their own incredible journey.


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