Good Beer Guide Belgium (8th edition)

The 8th edition of CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide Belgium is an indispensable companion for anyone visiting or living in Belgium.

This complete guide to the world of Belgian beer is packed with information on breweries, beers, and bars from around the country. It also features comprehensive advice on getting there, what to eat, where to stay and how to bring the best of Belgium’s beer offering back home with you.

The guide contains full-coloUr province-by-province maps and detailed city maps with bar locations and includes details on over 800 bars, cafés, and beer shops.

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About The Author

Tim Webb

Tim Webb

Tim Webb is one of the UK’s leading writers about beer, enjoying a worldwide reputation for his knowledge of Belgian, British and German beer styles and the craft and traditional beer revival of the last 40 years.

Welcome back …

… to the world’s most authoritative guide in any language to the beers of Belgium, who makes them, and where best to drink them.

We’ve been busy. This book is a bigger job than ever.

There are many more beers. Breweries of all types are trying to satisfy the growing thirst for variety in Belgium and beyond.

There are many more breweries. For the last edition, four years ago, we counted nearly 160. Here we list 245, even if most of the newcomers are small and local.

There are many more beer cafés. In the last edition, we listed about 500 places across the country to drink or buy interesting beer. In this one, we have nearly 800. Why? Because more cafés are serving more beers worth drinking—despite the fact that Belgians are going out less and drinking less when they do. Instead, they are drinking better.

We had to cut about 80 other cafés that were not up to scratch—some had shut but more had a drab atmosphere or too many safe beers. We had the luxury of deleting them; standards are on the way up.

We know your free time remains short, and that you need to spend wisely. So we have done our best to call out nonsense, make short shrift of amateurism, walk past mediocrity without a wave, and point you at the very best.

About the Authors

TIM WEBB has written the seven previous editions of the Good Beer Guide Belgium and is one of the world’s best-known beer writers. His World Atlas of Beer and Pocket Beer Book, co-authored with Stephen Beaumont has appeared in more than a dozen editions worldwide. JOE STANGE is a freelance journalist whose writing has appeared in the New York Times and All About Beer magazine, among others. He co-wrote the last edition of the Good Beer Guide Belgium with Tim Webb. A former resident of Belgium, he now lives in Germany.
  • Publication date: 16th April 2018
  • ISBN: 978-1-85249-341-7
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