World Beer Box Tasting with Roger Protz


27 January 2022

@ 7pm

Roger Protz is one of the world’s most respected beer writers, historians, lecturers and tasters. He is the author of more than 20 books on the subject, including 300 Beers to Try Before You Die, one of the biggest-selling books on the subject. Other books include The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Beer, the World Guide to Beer and 300 More Beers to Try Before You Die. He has edited more than 20 editions of the annual CAMRA Good Beer Guide.

Brewery Beer
Sierra Nevada Torpedo
Duvel Triple Hop
Chiltern Brewery Rogers Bodgers Barley Wine
Coopers Original Pale  Ale
Timmerman Oude Gueuze

You can sit and chat with Roger Protz online whilst tasting some of the beers that he has selected as examples of brews from across the globe. While this is a small selection of the beers he has covered in his new book “World Beer Guide” there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss and talk about the wider issues that have been affecting the world beer trade over recent years.

Roger adds: “This book is a result of decades of experience in the beer industry, inspired by my travels round the world trying the different types and interpretations of beer available. The World Beer Guide is divided into country-by-country sections, allowing readers to join me in dedicatedly exploring different brews from different parts of the planet.

Join world renowned beer writer Roger Protz for a global beer tasting event

“We will be charting different beer scenes, key players and styles available across the globe. I can’t wait for you to join me on the journey.”

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be able to ship this beer box outside of the United Kingdom

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Desi Pubs

This book has been shortlisted for the debut drink book for the Fortum & Mason awards 2024

The Desi Pub began as a story of resistance. First established in the 1960s to break the racist colour bar, which saw many non-white customers refused service, they have since evolved into a modern-day celebration of multiculturalism. This is how ‘desis’ – people with Indian heritage – saved failing pubs and turned them into a joyful festival of mixed grills, naans and curries all washed down with plenty of beer.

In this new book, the first of its kind, British-Asian journalist and Beer Writer of the Year (2023) David Jesudason travels the length and breadth of the country, visiting ‘desi pubs’ run by British-Indian landlords who have stamped their unique identity on a beloved institution and helped to challenge our preconceptions of the pub customer: from rowdy cricket fans to vibrant bhangra nights via football supporters enjoying pre-match mixed grills and beers.

Desi Pubs will take you on a journey to parts of Britain that are seldom visited. This is a celebration of Britain and the forgotten people who created our modern multicultural country.

Richard Croasdale, Ferment: ‘A phenomenally compelling writer.’

Boak and Bailey: ‘One of the most exciting books about beer and pubs in recent years.’ 

Roger Protz, Protz on Beer: ‘Deeply researched and beautifully written.’

Phil Mellows, Morning Advertiser: ‘The most important volume about pubs for half a century.” 

Jonathan Nunn, food writer and editor of Vittles: ‘A sensitive and compelling oral history of British-Asian culture.”

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The Good Beer Yearbook 2023

Stories, News and People from the Beer industry.

The Good Beer Yearbook is a must-read for anyone interested in beer, brewing and more in the UK.

With entries curated by leading beer writer Emma Inch,  The Good Beer Yearbook is a round-up of all of the current news, stories, events, awards, festivals and more from 2022.

This Book is also looking at innovations, influencers and the people to look out for in the months ahead.


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World Beer Guide

The ultimate guide to beer around the world –

by Roger Protz

This is a large hardback book about beer – produced in every country on earth and enjoyed by millions of people. It’s written for those who enjoy beer and want to know more

Beer is the world’s favourite alcohol and it has changed out of all recognition in the 21st century. The country-by-country sections will give more detail of the changes but the introduction will lead readers into the world beer revolution by describing the enormous power and stretch of global brewers – with AB InBev accounting for one-third of all beer made and consumed – with the counter culture of the world-wide craft movement. From the US to Australasia, charting the beer scene in every country, the key players, and the styles available.

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Modern British Beer

Matthew Curtis maps the evolution of Modern British Beer through the intricate stories of individual regional beers. He gives a personal insight into the eclectic and exciting world of Modern British Beer from a choice of 86 influential brews; from how they taste, how their ingredients are sourced, to the engaging stories of the people behind the scenes working hard to bring exciting beer to drinkers all over Britain.

“A beauty and a triumph… An incredibly engaging read.”Claire Bullen, Editor-in-Chief Good Beer Hunting

“A sparkling sense of where beer in the UK is at the moment.”Adrian Tierney-Jones

“If you’re looking for a primer on the best independently-produced British beers available today, you’re in luck.”Will Hawkes

“UK brewing is at a crossroads and the definitions Matthew comes up with help illuminate the path forward.”Jonny Garrett, The Craft Beer Channel

“Matthew Curtis has written an inspirational book, one no beer lover should miss.” – Roger Protz

(Member discount applied at checkout)

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The Family Brewers of Britain -Slip case edition.

The Family Brewers of Britain -slip case edition

Due to an overprint to account for loss and damages we now have a very small number of slip cases available. These are not signed or numbered editions.

A lavishly illustrated hardback book celebrating and examining the contribution to British brewing made by its family brewers. They are the often-overlooked flag bearers for real ale and have fascinating stories to tell of the early days of commercial brewing. Fully-illustrated, with modern and archive photography of the breweries, their pub estates, people and beers, this book will examine the past, the present and the future of these great brewing companies and help to highlight the important part they continue to play in the nation’s brewing story and in their local areas.

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The Family Brewers of Britain

The Family Brewers of Britain

A celebration of British brewing heritage

Britain’s family brewers are stalwarts of beer making. Some date back as far as the 17th and 18th centuries and have survived the turbulence of world wars, bomb damage, recessions, floods, and the hostility of politicians and the temperance movement. This book, by leading beer writer Roger Protz, traces the fascinating and sometimes fractious histories of the families still running these breweries.

Many of the brewers remain in buildings of great architectural importance with gleaming coppers and wooden fermenting vessels, and a few still deliver beer by horse-drawn drays and employ coopers to fashion casks made of oak. But our family brewers are not living in the past. They have faced the challenges of the modern beer-drinking world and still produce beers that meet the demands of today’s consumers.

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300/300 More beers To Try Before You Die

300 More Beers to Try Before You Die! takes beer lovers on an exciting new odyssey through 300 of the best beers from around the world. A companion volume to the successful 300 Beers to Try Before You Die!, and compiled by award-winning beer writer Roger Protz, the book features everything from new American ales to rediscovered classics like English strong mild; and inventive new twists on age-old recipes from experimental brewers in Europe and beyond.

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