World Beer Guide

The ultimate guide to beer around the world –

by Roger Protz

This is a large hardback book about beer – produced in every country on earth and enjoyed by millions of people. It’s written for those who enjoy beer and want to know more

Beer is the world’s favourite alcohol and it has changed out of all recognition in the 21st century. The country-by-country sections will give more detail of the changes but the introduction will lead readers into the world beer revolution by describing the enormous power and stretch of global brewers – with AB InBev accounting for one-third of all beer made and consumed – with the counter culture of the world-wide craft movement. From the US to Australasia, charting the beer scene in every country, the key players, and the styles available.


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– The World Beer Guide will incorporate decades of Roger’s beer experience alongside new trends and modern processes – Each region across the globe will be given detailed analysis and information – The book will also explore how the smaller breweries are still competing with the large corporations


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