United Kingdom of Beer, 250 top beers in bottle and can


There is a thirst for good beer on these islands, a thirst for beer that satisfies the soul, quenches the thirst and leaves the drinker glowing with satisfaction. You might be in the mood for a muscular Best Bitter, or a brooding, midnight-black Imperial Stout as you cosy up with a loved one on a cold winter’s night, or perhaps you fancy a crisp and briskly amiable lager while hanging out with friends on a sunny afternoon.

Whatever avenue your desire takes you down, whatever the occasion, be assured that there is a beer for you and acclaimed beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones will help you make the right choice with his selection of 250 of the very best beers in bottle and can from around these islands.

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About The Author

Adrian Tierney-Jones

Adrian Tierney-Jones

Adrian has been writing books since 2002 when he started with West Country Ales — since then his books have included The Big Book of Beer , Great British Pubs, Britain’s Beer Revolution (co-written with Roger Protz), World Bottled Beers, London and his latest, The Seven Moods of Craft Beer in which he asserts that beers have their own mood that can match the drinker’s.


With full detailed listings of the 250 of the top beers available in bottle and can in the UK, this guide is the perfect way to find beers as an accompaniment for any occasion. With styles and flavours from dark stouts and porters to light hoppy lagers you will be able to use this book to find beers that suit any mood, food and moment.