The Red Lioness

The most common UK pub name is the Red Lion, numbering 656.  Cathy Price visited them all during a highly specialised pub-crawl that lasted over four and a half years, and this book tells that story.


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In April 2011, Cathy Price embarked upon a mission to have a drink in each of the 656 pubs in Britain called The Red Lion. On 5th September 2015, Cathy completed her quest at The Red Lion in Northmoor, a beautiful community-owned pub.  The book describes Cathy’s four and a half year journey, the places she visited, the people she met and the history behind these fantastic pieces of British heritage.  Cathy’s journey has embraced hundreds of villages, towns and cities – including 37 on the coast – an array of wonderful characters, and stories involving Enid Blyton, James Bond, Clark Gable, royalty, rock ‘n’ roll, births, deaths and marriages and ghosts  Cathy has begun extending her Red Lion collection overseas, and has so far clocked up 13 foreign examples.

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