The Good Beer Box – Edition 1

As part of CAMRA’s 50th anniversary celebrations we scoured the UK for its beer experts (luckily as a nation we have a few!) and asked them what their favourite UK beers were by style. The style list they were given is the newly updated CAMRA beer styles which you can find here: CAMRA BEER STYLES 
Not an easy decision for anyone to make, but we were very lucky that our friends in the beer industry – be that brewer, influencer, journalist, author or fermenter – were able to whittle down the incredible beers available in the UK to one for each beer style. The contents of the Good Beer Box will feature ONLY the beers that received the most nominations.
This is how we guarantee a showcase of the best beers the UK has to offer for you to enjoy.
With the support of the UK’s finest beer experts, CAMRA are thrilled to bring you the first of our curated Good Beer Boxes, the ultimate selection of the best the UK brewing industry has to offer, all sent direct to your door to enjoy at your leisure.
You can pre-order our Good Beer Box right now, with deliveries starting from the 10 May.  
We have a limited stock of this first edition Good Beer Box so order now to secure yours today!
The beers chosen by the experts for this first edition of The Good Beer Box are:


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