The Beer Kitchen

When a recipe calls for `beer’ do you have the first clue of what you should add? When was the last time you read a recipe that really specified a beer style, or even suggested a few different brands from the bewildering array on your supermarket shelves? Good news, this book does all that and more.

In The Beer Kitchen award-winning beer expert Melissa Cole has combined two of her greatest passions: great brews and delicious food. Sharing over 70 incredible recipes Melissa expertly guides you through the gustatory pleasure of cooking with beer and what to drink with your creations.

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About The Author

Melissa Cole

Melissa Cole

Award-winning writer Melissa is widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading beer & food experts. Renowned for her insightful and engaging writing style, sense of humour and ability to translate complicated beer jargon into something everyone can understand, she’s already seen success with her debut book Let Me Tell You About Beer.

However, it doesn’t stop there, Melissa truly immerses herself in the world of beer; from judging beer competitions from Amsterdam to Rio and Denver to Dublin to brewing beers with some of the world’s most respected brewers like Odell, Goose Island and Fuller's, there’s not much she doesn’t get her hands dirty doing when it comes to the beer game.

As if that didn’t keep her busy enough, she’s also sought after by restaurants like the world-famous St John to help construct beer lists and curates the beer offering at some of the hottest food event tickets in town like Meatopia and has also appeared at Hay Literary Festival and done cooking with beer demos at Borough Market and Foodies Festivals.

With three regular columns in various magazine titles, as well as being a well-known face on the food festival circuit and regularly quoted in the national press – put that together with semi-regular TV and radio appearances - her profile is high and her abilities to communicate about beer broad.

ISBN: 9781784881887 Hardback 224 Pages / Published: 04/10/2018