Perry: a drinker’s guide

Perry has been made for centuries. Praised by the ancient Romans and once prized as highly as fine wine, it is made from fruit growing on trees that can be up to 300 years old; fruit that is, in some instances, so rare that only a single tree remains of a particular variety. Perry deserves its own authoritative resource, and now it has one. Renowned drinks writer and campaigner

‘Adam Wells – one of the rising stars of drinks writing – has rushed in where no one dared to tread and written a consummate guide to a drink most of us don’t know exists – perry. This book is a cracker – opinionated, witty, critical, yet passionate, intensely researched and wonderfully readable. The past, present and future of perry – it’s all here.’ – Oz Clarke

Adam Wells has written the world’s first dedicated and comprehensive guide to this most wondrous of drinks. Beautifully illustrated throughout with stunning colour photography, Perry: A Drinker’s Guide takes the reader on a journey through the magical world of perry, with information on its troubled history, the many different varieties of pear, how it’s made, and, most importantly, a guide to styles, countries, regions and producers.

You can be sure that in years to come, perry lovers everywhere will refer to this book as the starting point on their own incredible journey.

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Not only is Adam Wells one of the great drinks writers, he is an even greater evangelist for cider and perry.  His book ‘Perry:  A Drinkers’ Guide should be renamed Perry: The Bible because within its pages is enlightenment about an overlooked, under-appreciated, and misunderstood alcoholic drink.  Adam’s book covers the subject in depth with such beautiful writing.  It is a love letter to perry and everyone who appreciates ‘real’ alcoholic drinks should buy and read it.  Make sure your passport (pearsport?) is up to date because you will want to visit all the perry makers he recommends.   The final line is, ‘A miracle drink from the hand me down past whose best years might be ahead of it.’   Perry deserves those last seven words to come true and it’s up to us to make sure that happens. – Jane Peyton, School of Booze Perry is magic. It just needs a magician to make it and a conjuror to write about it.  Adam Wells has done us proud. Comprehensive, wide ranging and eminently readable. – James Crowden

This is a book that should have been written before now. Perry is one of the drink world’s most overlooked treasures, one that for all its deliciousness seems always to be on the cusp of disappearing forever. Wells writes vividly on the subject with deep knowledge and affection. It’s no easy task to make a passage on pear varieties and their flavours engaging, but he not only manages this but makes it look easy. There’s lots more besides, on the drink’s history and producers, where to find perry and how best to enjoy it. The book covers everything you need for a thorough grounding in the subject and will leave readers with more than enough knowledge to explore this wonderful drink with confidence. I am convinced more people would love perry if only they knew about it. This wonderful book will go a long way towards making that happen.  – Anthony Gladman