Haunted Pubs of the Southwest

There are said to be over 50,000 public houses in the United Kingdom and in many places the local pub is an essential part of daily life. Samuel Pepys described the inn as the heart of England; pubs, it would appear, have been an integral part of British culture since the Roman Times. The lives and dramas, intrigues and mysteries, of the people who visited them regularly form the rich tapestries of any local pub. As a result there are often many stories and histories that are inherently part of the place and naturally ghost stories and haunted reputations become a dynamic feature of many local pubs. The author of Haunted Pubs of the South West has been collecting ghostly stories about pubs for many years. Whilst the stories and accounts in this book are not meant to offer any proof or overpowering evidence they do offer a fresh look at new and more traditional accounts of haunted pubs in the South West.


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About The Author

Ian Michael Addicoat

Book ISBN 9781848684638 Book Format Paperback pages 128 pages Publication Date 15 Oct 2009 Height 166 Width 234 Illustrations 63