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We’re bringing you six specially selected beers from some fantastic brewers and breweries keen to celebrate brewing beer in Britain for 1000 years!

Not only will you be supporting British brewsters but you can also explore a selection of quality beers brewed with expertise and attention to detail.

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  • Durham Brewery – Azzacca 4.4% IPA – Sessionable IPA with a big hop aroma of citrus and tropical fruit from the use of stunning Azacca hops
  • Duration – Ebb & Flow, 4.8% American Stout – hoppy and resinous with a lighter malt roast for drinkability
  • Merakai Brewing Co – Brave Noise, 4.5% Modern Dark Mild – Smokey notes with tropical and coconut flavour
  • Lost and Grounded – We are Everyone, 5% Weissbier – Soft, effervescent and fruity
  • Cloudwater – International Women’s Day Pale Ale, 4%, Pale Ale – bold and dank, with a full body and soft pine finish
  • Wild Card – Main Hustle, 4.6%, Pale Ale – sweet pineapple melding effortlessly with a fluffy mouthfeel and body

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Durham Azacca, 4.4% Colour: Pale Bitterness: 29 IBUsBeer Type: IPA Sessionable IPA with a big hop aroma of citrus and tropical fruit from the use of stunning Azacca hops.  These team up with El Dorado, Cascade and Amarillo producing grapefruit bitterness and tropical fruit notes over a pale malt base. Contains water, barley (gluten), wheat (gluten) hops and yeast.  Vegan Friendly and brewed to a gluten free recipe by removing the gluten in the finished beer. Merakai Brewing Co BRAVE NOISE 4.5% MODERN DARK MILD MILD IN NAME NOT IN NATURE Be part of the Anti-Racist, Anti Sexist, Pro equality Beer Club. Support the Brave Noise Movement and initiatives that make spaces safe for everyone to enjoy craft beer together. Proceeds from the sale of Brave Noise Modern Mild go to support The Coven Wellness Officer Programme. Brewed in collaboration with our community. Hops: Sabro and Mosaic Tasting notes: Smokey notes with tropical and coconut flavour Vegan-friendly | 440ml can Contain (allergens in bold): Water, Hops, Yeast, Gluten, Wheat, Oats. Lost & Grounded We Are Everyone, Weissbier, 5%
    • Our version of a German-style Weissbier uses a base of Pils malt and a good dose of wheat before adding Mandarina Bavaria hops for light, citrusy notes. Soft, effervescent and fruity, 10p from each can goes to
      • Introducing our first beer brewed to celebrate International Women’s Day.
    Womankind Bristol
      Let’s raise a glass to inclusivity and equality! Together we are stronger! All of our beers are unfiltered and vegan-friendly.
Cloudwater INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY PALE – 4% On February 6th, Cloudwater hosted a special brew day in honour of IWD 2024, inviting women from different Manchester-based organisations who have inspired us and have positively contributed to their communities. The Beer is a Pale Ale brewed with beautiful hops including Columbus, Idaho 7, Motueka and Waimea. Although it is only 4%, it doesn’t lack in depth. It is bold and dank, with a full body and soft pine finish. A truly punchy Pale Ale. Allergens – Gluten, Wheat, Barley, Oats Vegan-friendly Wild Card Main Hustle 4.6%, Pale Ale – Brewed to celebrate International Women’s Day 2024.
    • On the occasion of International Women’s Day we wanted to celebrate and spotlight one of our favourite collaborators
      • Like biting into a juicy mango. Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic in the dry hop; sweet pineapple melding effortlessly with a fluffy mouthfeel and body. Sticky orange and raspberry flavours balanced with bitterness for levity and easy-drinking character.
    Anna Borup
      We were inspired by her drawings of dancers and how beautifully the physicality was brought out, so decided to do a series of illustrations of women brewing in an abstract style. Anna says, ‘As brewing is often considered a male-dominated industry, I loved being asked to celebrate the female brewers challenging this stereotype. I wanted to represent female brewers as a group rather than individuals, so the faces in my illustrations remain anonymous. I chose a colour palette that allowed the three illustrations to stand out whilst working harmoniously together.’
  Duration EBB AND FLOW4.8% An American stout, hoppy and resinous with a lighter malt roast for drinkability Festival stouts. Catwalk beers – a myriad of waffles, lactose and marshmallow. Nah. Not this one. Lighter malt roast for rounded drinkability. Hops and yeast deliver pine and fruit notes. Taste may Ebb & Flow but with this American stout – less is more.   The Devil’s in the Draught Lines is a thoroughly researched book on the impact and influence of women in Britain’s beer history over the last 1000 years. With interviews with over 20 women in the industry today it brings everything up to date and highlights the universal appeal of good beer. You can find out more or order a copy by clicking on the product at the bottom of this page.