A Year in Beer – a beer lover’s guide to the seasons

This item will be released September 27, 2021.

A Year in Beer – a beer lover’s guide to the seasons, is exactly what you need to get back to some sense of normality after a long period of troubled times, lockdowns and what was in effect a massive shift in the drinking habits of a nation.

Jonny Garrett, award winning beer writer and hugely successful beer blogger has embraced the notion of rooting oneself back into the seasonal shifts of beer and food production.

For many, the end of summer is something to be lamented. The days get colder, the evenings shorter, our clothes heavier. But for me, the start of autumn is a magical time. The fresh snap of the morning, the golden sun lounging lower in the sky, the warmth of winter coats we haven’t worn for months.


For beer geeks there is no better time of year. Not only is there the chance of my first fireside ale, there’s also the greatest beer festival of all – Oktoberfest – and the glut of caramel-tinged Festbiers that comes with it. I’m yet to find a British version of Oktoberfest that reaches the euphoric highs of the beer, food and family festival held in Munich each year, but for now having the official imported beers and the increasingly excellent British varieties transports me.

Journey through the seasons and jump in and out at will such as searching for a seasonal low-alcohol beer to temper the excesses of Christmas through January

This human-induced seasonal abstinence has never made much sense to me, but doing it one year did lead me to the discovery of table beer and in particular a six-month-matured 2% Lager from Small Beer Co.

– through to International Pizza Day in February (yes there is a link between Pizza and the origins of beer!) pairing your Pizza with a  West Coast IPA or a Bock for those deep-pan lovers.

– right the way through Spring and Summer with some surprising revelations on the way (before refrigeration there was very little production of beer over the summer months – but there are some treats you can search out) and into Winter where there is a detailed look at Beer and Cheese (there is an extensive list of suggestions here)

For me, happiness is a cheeseboard and a beer list. Add a long afternoon and a comfy chair and I won’t stop until I’ve finished both – or fallen asleep

If you really want to start filling your calendar with interesting and exciting things to do (including a great recipe for pancakes) and you really do love to explore beer in all of its myriad forms then this book will set you on a fulfilling and satiating journey. This could become the equivalent of Bradshaw’s Handbook and provides a fantastic starting point to become interested in beer, whatever the season.

“I have just been reading the proofs and I am already starting to map out a list of things to do over the coming months. It really has provided me with some tangible and satisfying things to look forward to. After a long period of self-isolation it will do my mental health a world of good – but might have some effects on the waistline.” – TL

With Guy Fawkes Night at the start of the month smoke is also on my mind: so roasted chestnuts, hot smoked salmon, brisket and pork butts are fitting too, especially with a Rauchbier. If there’s lots of apples leftover then you can’t beat a wintery crumble either – amazing with a Kriek or Frambois.


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Jonny Garrett

Jonny Garrett

Jonny is a London-based beer writer, author, and filmmaker. As well as writing regularly for Good Beer Hunting, he is the founder of YouTube's Craft Beer Channel. He has won several writing and broadcasting awards, including U.K. Beer Writer of the Year in 2019.



It’s likely that some people are shaking their head violently while reading this and, depending on the season, drinking exactly what the temperature dictates. This book is dedicated to these wonderful people, but also aimed at those who have not discovered the joy of seasonal drinking. Because making a connection between the world around us and the beer we drink is a powerful revelation. Seasonally drinking might not be a thing, but wouldn’t it be brilliant if it was?
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