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Pubs of the Southwest

Is there such a thing as a ‘typical’ South West pub? Given the large and varied nature of the region and the fact that its pubs have taken shape over many years, the answer, essentially, is ‘no’. By and large, pubs developed in much the same ways as in the rest of the country, though with only one large city (Bristol), the South West is short on the grand late-Victorian edifices which adorn the likes of London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. On the other hand, the area is especially rich in fine rural and small town pubs, some of which are quite remarkable survivors.

Protecting Pubs

The British pub is having a tough time right now, with over twenty closing permanently every week. Since 2006, fifteen National Inventory pubs have been lost forever, along with many more which were on our Regional Inventories.

Pub Heritage Group

If you have an interest in visiting pubs with characterful historic interiors the following are some of the ways you can get more involved helping to preserve them:-

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