The Family Brewers of Britain -Special Slip case edition SOLD OUT!

The Family Brewers of Britain – special slip case edition

Limited edition – numbered and signed by the author and presented in a quality slip case.

Only 200 copies available

A lavishly illustrated hardback book celebrating and examining the contribution to British brewing made by its family brewers. They are the often-overlooked flag bearers for real ale and have fascinating stories to tell of the early days of commercial brewing. Fully-illustrated, with modern and archive photography of the breweries, their pub estates, people and beers, this book will examine the past, the present and the future of these great brewing companies and help to highlight the important part they continue to play in the nation’s brewing story and in their local areas.


The publication date of this title is set to September the 9th

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This special  edition of The Family Brewers of Britain is presented in a slip case with a numbered book plate signed by the author. There will only be a small number of these made available to the public (only 200) and they will only be availble direct from CAMRA. Please note that due to the additional production process and additional content this item will be available from September 17th 2020. Britain’s family brewers are stalwarts of beer making. Some date back as far as the 17th and 18th centuries and have survived the turbulence of world wars, bomb damage, recessions, floods, and the hostility of politicians and the temperance movement. This book, by leading beer writer Roger Protz, traces the fascinating and sometimes fractious histories of the families still running these breweries. Many of the brewers remain in buildings of great architectural importance with gleaming coppers and wooden fermenting vessels, and a few still deliver beer by horse-drawn drays and employ coopers to fashion casks made of oak. But our family brewers are not living in the past. They have faced the challenges of the modern beer-drinking world and still produce beers that meet the demands of today’s consumers. Fully illustrated in colour throughout, with both modern and archive images of the breweries, their pub estates, beers and people. ISBN: 978-1-85249-359-2 RRP: £25.00 Format: Casebound Dimensions: 250 x 210 mm (P) Extent: 224 pp Illustrations: Fully illustrated in colour throughout Subjects: Corporate history; Brewing; Beer BIC Classifications: Corporate history (KJZ); Food manufacturing (KNDF); Beers (WBXD2); United Kingdom, Great Britain (1DBK); Brewing technology (TDCT1)