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Roger Protz

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The Family Brewers of Britain

Available now! A new book on the art of beer design and more..

Beer by Design is an exploration of the way in which art and graphic design have created and sustained new beer brands. Publishing on 20th November 2020

“I came into beer from marketing and still occasionally get involved in consultancy on packaging design. As Chair of the Beer and Cider Marketing Awards, I’ve had the job of overseeing the judging of best beer packaging design sat a time when designers have thrown the rulebook out of the window. Now I get to celebrate all of this in book form.” – Pete Brown

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Explore CAMRA's Heritage Pubs

The perfect gift for the pub lover in your life

Explore the Heritage Pubs series

Discover South East England’s most traditional pubs through this unique guide, the latest in CAMRA’s best-selling series. It leads you to over a hundred examples around the region that still have interiors or internal features of real historical importance, ranging from unspoilt country delights and old coaching inns to cosy Victorian locals and little-known pubs from the inter-war and post-war periods. Illustrated with high-quality photography throughout, this book allows you to experience first-hand the pub history of the South East while doing your bit to help protect a vital part of the region’s heritage.

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A selection of CAMRA books and clothing for the Christmas stocking

Give the gift of CAMRA Membership, it’s a whole year’s worth of enjoyment for all beer or pub lovers

And while they’re enjoying CAMRA membership, your gift will be helping us to protect the great British pub and everything that goes with it. Members access great benefits including award-winning BEER magazine, What’s Brewing news, online Learn & Discover resources about beer and brewing, £30 real ale vouchers, discounts and more.

CAMRA Gift Membership from just £28.50 (plus concessionary rate and joint rates also available). 

Why not brew a Christmas beer with CAMRA's Essential Home Brewing?

Explore recipes from around the world in CAMRA’s Essential Home Brewing

Andy is a beer blogger, home brewer and owner of fledgling Berkshire based microbrewery Elusive Brewing. He has previously appeared on ITV’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show, demonstrating and discussing the rise in popularity of home brewing and was named winner of the The Craft Beer Co. National Home Brewing Awards in 2014.

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So you want to be a Beer Expert?

This book is a great gift for budding beer experts and seasoned beer drinkers.

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There has never been a better time to drink quality beer. The number and variety of excellent beers in general circulation have never been greater, both in the pub (where guest ales and beer festivals are regular features) and in the supermarket.  More people than ever are searching for an understanding of what makes a great beer, and this book meets that demand by presenting a hands-on course in beer appreciation, leading to an understanding of world beer styles, beer flavours, how beer is made, the ingredients, buying and storing beer, and more.  So You Want… is the ideal book for anyone, from beginners to the more experienced, who wants to further their knowledge and enjoyment of beer.


Explore CAMRA’s clothing range

One gift to rule them all and one gift to find them....

The Good Beer Guide is the beer lover’s bible and is the best selling guide to finding pubs that serve real ale in the UK.

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Tom Kerridge has written the foreword for The Good Beer Guide 2021

“…..the one thing about the British pub that separates us, is real ale. Our brewing heritage varies from region to region. The passion and the heart and soul that goes into brewing is equal to the top wine makers, distillers, cheese makers, bakers, artisan chocolatiers or any other craft led hospitality producer. It is something we should be very proud of……”

Since 1974 CAMRA has produced a completely independent regional guide to the best pubs covering the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland with listings based entirely on evaluation by CAMRA volunteers.

With a  unique breweries section listing every brewery – micro, regional and national – that produces real ale in the UK The Good Beer Guide is also an invaluable tool for professionals in the drinks and retail industry.