The Family Brewers of Britain

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History, heritage and tradition by the tun!

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Roger Protz has a unique relationship with the established and exceptionally talented Family Brewers of Britain. Roger has insight and experience of global beer trends that he has gleaned across five decades of writing about them and working alongside the Campaign for Real Ale. This is his latest title and it will take you on a journey of discovery to highlight the accomplishments of a select group of independent family brewers who have been the backbone and launchpad for many of the new and established breweries in Britain today.
Buy this book and celebrate this coming together of these highly driven individuals who are so tied to the world of brewing and beer that they have been supplying us with real ale for over 300 years! The family brewers of Britain are so intrinsic to the British cultural landscape that with over 4,500 years of brewing experience between them they are at the forefront of the UK’s brewing and pub tradition.
With this title you will be introduced to each of the family breweries and will be given a detailed tour of their history, accomplishments and operations. You will learn how they have worked to transform the landscape and towns with which they have close ties. You will see how they continue to work within an explosion of small breweries and the competition of great homogenous corporations. And you will find that although their world has altered beyond measure, they are still a family operation at heart.

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This book is a must have for anyone who has an interest in beer and brewing. The images and text give clear descriptions of family brewers across the UK and will provide a great launchpad for a journey of discovery.
This book is not for idle curiosity or for those who have a passing interest. The book is detailed and has been many years in the making. This book can be savoured and will take up many hours of your spare time and while it lasts it will renew your interest and love of a truly British tradition and will inform your special interest in beer and brewing.

This book has been supported by the Independent Family Brewers of Britain

ROGER PROTZ is a campaigner and broadcaster and the author of dozens of books about beer and brewing. He appears regularly in the media and was recently the subject of a BBC Radio 4 Food Show special. Roger has edited 24 editions of CAMRA’s market-leading Good Beer Guide.