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A new title in the Pub Heritage series is due for publication

Unspoilt pubs, is there really such a thing, time capsules of days gone by or simply hidden gems that have become so familiar that their provenance has been forgotten?

The Pub heritage group have been traversing the UK in search of pubs that really are national treasures and they have provided definitive guides to the nation’s most important historic pub interiors. Since the 1960s few pubs have escaped major changes but the Pub heritage Guides will help you seek out the best historical examples we have left and by association, you may be able to help them spot a hidden gem that may have been missed. They range from simple unaltered village pubs to glorious late-Victorian extravaganzas. Each is very special in its own way.

The guides have been compiled by CAMRA’s Pub Heritage Group and are  the product of over thirty years of careful research. Each guide identifies pubs with intact traditional interiors or which have features and rooms of national importance.

The newest addition to the guides is the forthcoming Real heritage Pubs of the Southwest

This guide will lead you to the pubs throughout the South West that still have interiors or internal features of real historic significance. They range from rural ‘time-warp’ pubs, some with no bar counters, to old coaching inns and include some unsung interiors from the inter-war and post-war period. This is the first guide of its kind for the South West and it champions the need to celebrate, understand and protect the genuine pub heritage we have left.

Publication 25th July 2019 You can pre-order your copy here